Video Exclusive: The Next Decade of the Digital Age

Our own South Florida Web Studio’s Steven Alig sat down with Alessandra Lippel from Limão ou Limonada to discuss a variety of topics from the future of the internet to doing business in the U.S. Below is a recap of the topics from the interview and an expanded view of what we should expect to see.

When discussing the future of the internet, Steven explained that digital devices will continue to evolve and we are likely to see wearable mobile devices give way to digital implants. Technology is only limited by our imagination and the foundation has already been laid to move in that direction. In fact, these types of implants exist now because of engineers like Brian McEvoy who developed a subdermal compass in 2014. Currently, the only implants with commercial backing are medical devices, but there is consensus in the web development community that the demand for nonmedical implants is growing and will eventually become part of mainstream life.

To understand the progression of digital devices, we have to look at how we got here. The internet launched a completely new means of communication. Today we have access to each other and the world in an instant and that has created a sense of urgency and an increasing demand for efficiency. We are no longer content to wait until we get home to check the answering machine or drive to the mall to purchase a pair of sneakers. The ability to reach almost anyone, anywhere, at any time has set a precedent for being readily available now more than ever. Major corporations and small businesses continue to rise to the challenge by making their products and services accessible via mobile devices.

2015-07-10 09.24.03Even though we come from different cultures, as consumers we have one thing in common; our desire for convenience. The advent of mobile payments has kicked off the beginnings of the age of digital currency. We are on the brink of a revolutionary concept with the introduction of bitcoins. As Steven mentions in the interview, eventually digital currency is going to eliminate the ability for individual countries to control the markets. This is a game-changer for businesses and everyone should be watching carefully to see how it unfolds if they want to stay ahead. Hiring the right web developer and marketing team is crucial to preparing for the next wave in technological advancements. It’s imperative to hire a company with experience. Look for one that has met these types of challenges and succeeded. Steven advises comparing several companies to find the one that suits your needs and will help your business take advantage of new technologies.

The U.S. businesses that overcame the Great Recession and succeeded were the ones that adapted to the changing economic landscape. They focused their attention on how to meet the needs of their customers and created effective marketing campaigns to reach them. Companies that cut back on marketing didn’t weather the storm as well. Many of them didn’t survive at all. Steven’s last piece of advice, “The bottom line is if a company wants to build a business in the U.S. and compete on the world stage, they can. The opportunity is here if they work to make it happen. Understanding where we go from here is the first step.”

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Published On: Aug 19, 2015