Best WordPress Web Hosting 2020

“What is the best web host for my WordPress website?”

TL;DR WPEngine is our recommendation for WordPress hosting in 2020

We are asked this question very frequently. After over 20 years in the web design and development industry, I have utilized many different hosting solutions. From custom, self-hosted Linux and Windows machines to super-cheap shared hosting plans and now WordPress specific managed hosting.

If you are developing your website with WordPress, it only makes sense to use a managed WordPress solution. Many have emerged over the past years since WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. As of January 2020 WordPress currently powers over 35% of the internet. One of the very first hosting companies to offer Managed WordPress hosting is WPEngine. They are still the most popular of the managed hosting platforms (according to There is a good reason for this as they stay ahead of the competition. While they are not the cheapest hosting provider the service is the best. We recommend them as the best WordPress Hosting for 2020 primarily because of their communication with their clients.

According to, among all managed WordPress hosting providers, WPEngine clearly leads with 73% market share as of January 2020.

All web hosting services can have issues (many beyond their control) but the speed and communication with clients is critical when a situation arises. WPEngine has always been proactive in notifications of network outages or any other issues which may arise and they communicate properly on their blog and through email to notify clients of status.

WPEngine has many other features that can be copied by other hosting companies but they have been rock solid for at least 5 years since we switched all of our accounts to them.

Some of the features we love about WPEngine:

  • 3 Environments for all accounts (Production, Staging, and Development)
  • 1-click deployment between Environments
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Knowledgeable and rapid Technical Support
  • Free SSL included for every installation
  • Ability to easily scale as needed
  • Excellent customer support
  • Many more

WPEngine is our recommended best WordPress hosting provider for 2020.


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Published On: Jan 14, 2020