IAB banner sizes revisited (mid 2017)

With recent changes to the IAB ad sizes released late last year, we decided to revisit one of our popular posts which we created back in 2010. At the time, we were creating so many banner ads for our clients that we kept looking up the different ad size units and decided to make a post on our own site which would provide easy reference for us to find the different IAB sizes for banner advertising.

With so many changes in screen sizes, devices and content, banner advertising is no longer a simple 2 dimensional design issue. There are many factors to consider. The demand for HTML5 ads was on the rise so that ad units could be used across multiple devices and screen resolutions. There are also new guidelines which embrace HTML5 ad necessities such as file size (weights), file requests, shared libraries, progressive video balancing ad load performance with the user experience.

Download the full IAB banner size guidelines here.

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Published On: Jun 16, 2017