WordPress Maintenance Plans

icon toolbox maintenanceWordPress Maintenance Plans and Pricing

Websites that are maintained properly are much more successful than those that are neglected.

We take care of updates, maintenance, and security as part of this plan. With this entry-level plan, you will receive up to 30 mins of time from a WordPress Maintenance expert per month. Website hosting is also included, if desired, for this plan. We will also host your website for free if you choose any of our WordPress maintenance plans. You may still host your own website if you desire.

South Florida Web Studio’s WordPress Maintenance program is for the busy business owner, marketing or IT department. We worry about your website so you can focus on your strategy.



Updating the WordPress core or plugins can be relatively straightforward, but every now and then there may be an issue or conflict causing a feature of your WordPress website to break unexpectedly. How do you revert back to a previous backup? And how do you go about fixing the issue in the background while your current website stays online for your visitors? Not to worry, we handle all of this for you with our WordPress Maintenance Plan.


Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Maintenance

What is WordPress Maintenance?

WordPress core has updates that are pushed out by the community on a scheduled basis. WordPress websites also use dozens of third-party plugins which are created by independent developers. The developers of these plugins release updates every week. Our maintenance program will handle all of these updates for you.

Do you need to update WordPress plugins and themes?

Many updates are for security purposes. If you don’t update plugins and themes, your website could become vulnerable and eventually will stop working. Without fixing these, your website could be hacked and compromised. WordPress website maintenance is critical.

Can I perform these updates myself?

Physically clicking the update button is the easy part  That is certainly something that anyone can do, however, maintenance isn’t that simple. Often times an update will be incompatible with another plugin, theme, or hosting environment. When this happens something will stop working, or in some instances, the website will crash completely. Before we make updates, we read the developer changelogs to see what code was updated. This makes sure that the updates will work properly. If we find that an update is compatible, we will notify you and present options to fix or replace that plugin.

Is it safe to update my WordPress themes and plugins?

Updating is a good thing, but sometimes updates will cause things to break. That’s why we make a backup of your website before making any updates. If something breaks, we can restore the site within seconds. The longer a site goes without maintenance, the more difficult and time-intensive it is to make updates. There’s a greater chance of something being incompatible and breaking.

How often should WordPress websites be updated?

We do not always push out an update as soon as it is released. It is best to wait a few days or even weeks if the update is just a feature addition. However, if there is a security issue we are notified asap and run updates immediately. Normally, we stay on a monthly schedule to make sure your sites stay updated.

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