Website Accessibility

web accessibilityADA compliance and Web Accessibility

Be inclusive, protect your business from potential lawsuits and reach more customers.

Is your website accessible to everyone? Even persons with disabilities?

It is easier than ever before to ensure that everyone can access the information on your website. Even someone with a disability such as vision impairments or other cognitive issues can be a potential customer or visitor to your website if it is implemented correctly.

Let South Florida Web Studio make sure your website is accessible to everyone while also protecting your interests from potential lawsuits.

We use a combination of scanners, best coding practices, and AccessiBe to ensure that your website will be accessible and usable to every visitor. Accessibe is The #1 Automated Web Accessibility Solution for ADA & WCAG Compliance. Our team will implement a solution that will not alter your website whatsoever and will bring you into full compliance.

Starting at just $59/month with free setup and installation you can be in compliance within 48 hours.

Begin with a free audit of your current website. We will then implement a free trial for you for 14 days. Cancel at any time.

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