Video Email: Is 2009 finally the year? – I think not…

A recent article published by our favorite email marketing service addresses some of the ongoing technical issues with sending video embedded within email.

While this excellent article addresses the technical limitations, it is not until the end where they actually suggest the possibility that it may not be a good idea to send video via email all together. I would have to agree with this point completely. Eventually video email will most likely become a reality and at that point we will all have to deal with a new kind of spam.
How annoying is music on a website right now?… imagine “cool techno beats” coming through your inbox or even your phone. Not to mention what creative ideas the adult industry will come up with.

Let’s hope we can keep the videos as links (at least for a while), that way I can choose if I want to watch. Despite what some marketers will try to sell us, I would bet that 2009 is not going to be the year for video email.

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Published On: Feb 5, 2009