Upsell to your existing customers – post-order communications

I find it interesting how many missed opportunities happen with online businesses. The reasons vary greatly for this by client, budget, etc… But it is especially apparent on those businesses and organizations that have marketing budgets but have been slow to adapt to the web, or sometimes, just “don’t get it”.

Post-order communication is such a crucial element in the marketing process, however many businesses take it for granted. It does, after all, take place after the sale (or conversion). When a customer has completed your intended result on your website (completed a purchase, filled out a contact form, requested a brochure, etc…), your duty is done. You have converted a visitor to your website into a customer or a measurable trackable goal. However there is still so much more opportunity. You now have information about this visitor. Valuable information that you can customize specifically for this individual. You also have their attention. Chances are, after completing the conversion on your website, the very next email they receive from you will be read.
This is HUGE!
Don’t miss this opportunity to engage your customer, educate them or offer them something they may want or need (this must be personalized and not generic).

On the 37signals blog, they posted a great post-order email that really hit this point home. After ordering some product from the next email presented some great information, customized for the individual based on the product ordered.


Excellent approach to educate your customers, with a specific article customized for the product they have purchased (which provides a link back to your website) and even a recommendation of a complimentary product. My only recommendation would be to have a link back to a Nitric Oxide product or category so that you make it easy for the customer to find and purchase.

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Published On: Oct 9, 2010