The uplifting effects of twitter

Some have said that there is so much “noise” on twitter that anything of value is so diminished because it is difficult to find. Now it is arguable to say that this “noise” is caused by the way someone has configured their account, how they access their account (via PC or mobile device) or just the people that they are following. However regardless of my concerns with the usefulness (or the business model, or lack of, that everyone seems so interested in) of, I did find one particular item very uplifting and helpful… If anything just a boost to my ego. After adding and removing so many dead beat followers (spammers and non-existent twitter accounts) I decided to follow a particular celebrity (“The Real One” so I was informed). My uplifting and defining twitter moment came several days later when I received an email. Even if it only lasted a few moments it was special and put a smile on my face when I read the email subject: ” Britney Spears is now following you on Twitter! ” My wife of course brought me quickly back down to reality. But the truth of this experience is not whether Britney Spears cares about what I am tweeting, it is about the technology that brings us all together and allows for interaction that was never possible before. Sure Britney has someone (or a team) tweet for her and probably doesn’t even realize what is happening on her twitter account, but there are other people online who you can communicate with. Many of whom, without twitter would have never been possible. If you can hear them through all of the “noise”.

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Published On: Mar 16, 2009