Small Business Guide to Google Analytics


Here is a fantastic guide to setting to understanding Google Analytics for small businesses.

If you are not using Google Analytics on your website or even worse, do not know what Google Analytics is, then this guide may be a little advanced for you and you should definitely contact us to setup a Google Analytics account for your website. Setting up the account properly is relatively straight forward. Once you start capturing the data (first nuggets will start appearing in 24 hours) the fun really starts.

While it can seem overwhelming upon first glance, this easy to understand Guide to Google Analytics for Small Businesses, by Simply Business, can help you to break down useful bits of information and perform actionable items one at a time. It is simple to follow and guides you through an easy to understand process so that you can quit wasting time staring at pages and pages of graphs and tables of data and actually start absorbing some useful information about your website visitors. Once you understand your visitors and their behavior, you can then make adjustments to influence that behavior in your favor.

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Published On: Jan 30, 2013