Net Neutrality – we should all be concerned


I have been reading quite a bit about Net Neutrality over the past several years. Obviously, because of the industry I am in, this is of great concern to me. However, it seems that the general public should be very concerned also. The importance of the Internet in all of our daily lives is unprecedented and will only grow in the future. Our reliance and dependence on the open information available to us is many times taken for granted.

Net Neutrality is a complex issue, but to break down in a simple form, it involves regulating the traffic on the Internet. Since the inception of the Internet, we have had free reign to travel where and when we want. Using Landline Internet (meaning connected to cable, phoneline, etc… Not cellular or satellite) we have not been limited to how much we can download and from where.

As the amount of traffic an bandwidth have increased over the years, your ISPs have determined that they would like to regulate some of these high bandwidth providers. Obviously the ISP’s (think ATT, Comcast, etc…) have a vested interest to control these pipes. They will then be able to charge more for different services and control what goes up and down the lines (like limiting your video options to only those sites that they support. Or those sites that pay a fee). Just think of the Cellular Industry or TV Cable.

Interestingly enough it seems that the Federal Government is on our side in this one. The two players are the major corporations and the Federal Government. Regardless of what type of back room deals may be going on. We know that the Government is supposed to look out for its people and we know that for-profit corporations are supposed to look out for their shareholders.

Who do you want regulating the Internet?

Read the editorial view of Net Neutrality at USA Today.

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Published On: Aug 23, 2010