Media Temple Raises Rates On IP Addresses

Don’t get me wrong, I think MediaTemple, as a hosting company, is great and I understand having to make critical business decisions is not always easy.

However a recent change to thier policy for Additional IP Addresses took me by surprise. Via email earlier this year I was notified that I would be receiveing a 500% price increase for the cost of any additional IP addresses that we have associated with our servers.

Here is the email:

We have some important information to share with you regarding a price change to your subscription to our “Additional IP Address” service. Historically, we’ve been able to offer this service at an industry-low price point of $1. On February 15th, however, we will be increasing the price to $5 and here’s why:
Why Now?
You are using what is known as an original IPV4 address which is being replaced with the newer, nearly infinite, IPV6 address space. Since IPV4 addresses are almost all gone, the demand has increased dramatically and we must adjust our business for current market conditions. You can learn more about IPV4 address scarcity here.

We use MediaTemple DV servers for many of our clients and they run very well whenever an issue arises, the support at MT has been very accommodating and helpful. We also do our best to keep our costs down for our clients.

So while we have never passed this cost on to our clients, we do not have a choice at this point and will have to do so in our next annual billing cycle. Fortunately, we can limit this to particular e-commerce clients that require a unique IP for SSL certificates and will be able to cycle in the costs along with SSL renewal. And of course this will be a direct pass through to our customers without any markup and we hope you will all understand.

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Published On: Apr 12, 2013