Is Your Web Design Right For Your Niche?

A niche market is a small subset of a larger market. When you design for a niche, you’re creating a particular experience that caters to a specific group of individuals. Instead of appealing to the masses, you’re honing in on a market that is currently not being served. You’re fulfilling a need that isn’t being met within that community of consumers or businesses. To design a website that will reach them, you’ll have to do the research to get to know them personally.

There are three questions to ask yourself as you consider how to approach the project: Where are they located? What are their values? And what are they passionate about? You may be wondering why their values and passions should matter to the look and feel of your web design, but your website is a marketing tool. In fact, it is the most important tool because this is where you convert browsers to buyers. It’s where your customers become loyal fans of your brand.

You can run all the social media marketing campaigns you want, but ultimately your website is where your customers are going to decide to pick up the phone and call you or where they buy that doohickey and all its accessories they now can’t live without. Your web design has the biggest role to play in triggering the emotion that will solidify a bond between your brand and your customer’s ideals. Consumers across the board are becoming numb to standard sales and marketing tactics. Tapping into their emotions and building a connection between how they live and the products and services you offer is the key to unlocking that niche.

Getting to know your niche market

If you live in the same area as your potential customers, it’s easier to define the aspects of their lives that make up who they are, but if you do not have access to them in this way, there are alternatives to discovering what makes them tick. These include monitoring interactions on social media, surveys, and analyzing data from segmented populations.  In either case it requires opening up a dialogue with the customers you want to serve. Your website is the main channel you will use to deliver your message to your customers. Creating a design that will resonate with them is the equivalent to developing intimacy in any personal relationship. After all, that is exactly what you are doing when you market your business to them. You are building a lasting and valuable relationship with the human beings who are buying your products and services, even if you are targeting businesses. The principal remains the same.

You know who your niche market is. You know what they want. Now it’s time to talk with your web designer and marketing team to pull all the elements of design into the fold to create the website that will resonate with your customers and get you the results you’re looking for. Having a clear idea of the message you want to send and a full understanding of the customers you’re sending it to will help your marketing and design team streamline their efforts to attract customers in your niche.

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Published On: Nov 1, 2015