How do you get your news?

With the proliferation of bloggers dominating the news media as of late (so much so that we now refer to the term “the blogosphere”) there is an interesting shift in how we obtain our news and what we actually consider “news” and journalism. There has been much discussion on the topics of Blogger vs. Journalist but this whole concept has actually shed light on the idea of the credibility of the source. Just because the article was published by, what we may consider a credible source, doesn’t mean that the actual writer is a credible source or a well written journalist. Just as much as an independent blogger is not a credible source or well written journalist. We seem to be moving away from our traditional news channels (at least the traditional media channels) and as the technology escalates, we are consuming our news from many more independent sources. Maybe this will shed light on that fact that just because we thought we were getting credible journalism all along, maybe we were not. We had nothing else to compare it to. At least now we can obtain our news by “consensus”. If everyone is talking about it… It must be news.

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Published On: Apr 14, 2009