Are we done with Facebook yet?


Are we over Facebook yet? I sure hope so.

I personally became tired of Facebook some time ago. I still left it open as a viable option for business, but only open to niche markets that actually would apply to Facebook’s medium and core demographic (the small percentage of power users not the millions of “account holders”).

Maybe it is the recent security concerns (again), or bothersome event notifications, friend requests (lets not get into the definition of a “friend”), or the daily request to join some irrelevant group, I am really not sure. But either way, I believe the heyday for Facebook has passed.

I am not saying that Facebook is going away. Surely it is not any time soon. Nor am I saying that it will not continue to grow (in the short term it may). It has just passed it’s prime. It has lost its direction and relevancy.

Facebook, at it’s core was created to be an online yearbook. What it has morphed into over the last several years is not recognizable. In it’s quest to monetize itself, Facebook continues to change direction and try to become something new and different.

I used to go to Facebook to connect to “real” friends and catch up on what they were doing in their daily lives. Today I received a “friend request” that set me off.


Hi Steven,
Web Seo Analytics wants to be friends with you on Facebook.

Now I do SEO on a daily basis. It is what SoFla Web Studio does. Part of SEO involves Web Analytics. Analytics is an important part of our reporting process. I am passionate about these topics and continually thirst for more knowledge. However ‘Web Seo Analytics’ is not a real person and is definitely not a friend of mine. I am sure it is just another business attempting to spam me and force me to listen to their message. How is this relevant to Facebook? Why is this allowed? Is it encouraged to get business involvement and eventually dollars?

The proliferation of irrelevant information on FB today is immeasurable. If they are going to stay competitive, they will need to take a lesson from Google and learn to stick to their core proficiencies and stay relevant.

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Published On: May 12, 2010