5 Ways to Turn Negative Reviews to Positive Responses

Social media has created a great opportunity to exchange information, share experiences, and even build awareness. For businesses, social media has become a valuable tool for developing brands and promoting products and services. In our previous post we mentioned how consumer reviews are one of the most powerful resources on the internet. They are so influential that they can make or break a brand as in the case of Ocean Marketing and N-Control. In the Age of Information there is no escaping public opinion and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have given the people a voice that can sweep across the internet in a matter of seconds.

Before you hastily delete your company’s Facebook page out of fear that your customers might give you a bad review or post negative comments, remember that social media is an essential marketing tool that can help you reach your customers and develop brand loyalty quickly. You only need to follow a few simple rules to keep them happy.

Rule Number One: if someone does post a negative review online, respond within 24 to 48 hours. This shows them that you care about their opinion and you want to resolve the issue. Other customers will see that you have taken the time to address the problem and are likely to have more confidence in your product or service.

Rule Number Two: don’t respond when you’re upset. As a business owner or employee who is proud of your organization it is normal to feel slighted when you first lay eyes on a scathing review. While some reviews are posted by people who are having a bad day in general, other customers are waiting to see how you will respond. Let this be your opportunity to shine. Take some time to craft an appropriate response.

Rule Number Three: Avoid offering discounts on your product or service in a public forum. Send a private message if you want to extend that courtesy. You don’t want other customers to start posting negative reviews to get a discount.

Rule Number Four: Every review is helpful to you in one way or another. Either it provides feedback about your business or it presents an opportunity for you to strengthen your brand by identifying and solving a problem. Use the information to your advantage. Each one provides free insight into your target market which you can use to create better value for your customers.

Rule Number Five: If you have won them over by resolving a problem and you know they are happy with the outcome, ask them if they are willing to remove the negative review. People who are genuinely pleased with the way you handled a difficult situation are often receptive to this request. Our only word of caution is that you choose your words wisely.

The final rule you need to follow to maintain a positive image on the internet is to remember that engagement is imperative. Social media is a relationship-building tool. Get your customers involved by encouraging them to comment, like, tweet, and review your products and services. The best way to create loyalty is to provide excellent customer service and show them why they should support your brand. If you donate to a cause, volunteer in your local community, or are environmentally conscious, tell them. This is how they will identify with you and become your biggest fans.

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Published On: Oct 10, 2015