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We Are Hiring! - Looking for a Drupal Developer

Drupal Developer/Site Implementer/Designer (Hollywood, FL)
Local Web Studio close to I-95 and Hollywood Blvd. is looking for a Drupal Developer/Site Implementer.

We have a current opening for a talented individual with direct Drupal experience.

Qualified candidates will have experience deploying Drupal websites with any or all of the following.

Experience with:
- deploying Drupal website from installation to final launch
- creating requirements for clients and formulating Drupal recipes to meet those requirements
- customizing Drupal themes - strong CSS skills
- maintaining Drupal website content and updates (administering users, permissions, etc...)
- adding 3rd party modules to Drupal websites
- developing custom Drupal modules
- working with CiviCRM is a strong plus
- experience with Ubercart is a strong plus

Experience with other open source CMS systems is a plus but we do need direct Drupal experience.
Any experience with Zen Cart or Ubercart is a plus.

No companies or contractors will be considered for this position! We are looking for someone to grow with our company.
This is an in-house position. You must live in the South Florida Tri-county area and commute to our office daily.

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Upsell to your existing customers - post-order communications

I find it interesting how many missed opportunities happen with online businesses. The reasons vary greatly for this by client, budget, etc... But it is especially apparent on those businesses and organizations that have marketing budgets but have been slow to adapt to the web, or sometimes, just "don't get it".

Post-order communication is such a crucial element in the marketing process, however many businesses take it for granted. It does, after all, take place after the sale (or conversion). When a customer has completed your intended result on your website (completed a purchase, filled out a contact form, requested a brochure, etc...), your duty is done. You have converted a visitor to your website into a customer or a measurable trackable goal. However there is still so much more opportunity. You now have information about this visitor. Valuable information that you can customize specifically for this individual. You also have their attention. Chances are, after completing the conversion on your website, the very next email they receive from you will be read.
This is HUGE!
Don't miss this opportunity to engage your customer, educate them or offer them something they may want or need (this must be personalized and not generic).

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Hire a Pro - good advice for web designers and most contractors in general

I came across a great article in USA Today (in their fantastic Ipad app BTW), that discusses Small Business owners and their tech needs. While the majority of this discussion is related to typical IT services like networking, PC maintenance, server administration, etc... They do touch on social media (online marketing) and other 'Tech' services.

While they do not directly address 'web design' it is a component that many times is wrongly attributed solely with IT. The traditional web design (for your online presence) is more a mix of IT and Marketing. Probably leaning more toward marketing since you want get the most value for your dollars. However the tips they give for your Tech Needs definitely apply for web design also. One in particular really stood out to me:

Go with a pro: Don't hire a tech-savvy college kid, an IPad-loving brother-in-law or the receptionist's boyfriend to tackle tough IT needs, Clancy says. Those without formal training don't have the skills to help a company grow — and if the receptionist gets fired, the company may find itself with a bunch of deleted information, he says.

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Twitter upgrade - embedding rich media or preparing to serve ads?

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010, Twitter unveiled an upgrade to their website and service which now shows embedded video and photos in a dual-panel layout. While Twitter CEO Evan Williams says “78 percent of active users have used in the last 30 days.”, the power users mostly use 3rd party applications to manage their service and communicate across the twittershere (my personal favorite is cotweet)

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How will Google Instant Search Effect SEO?

Google Instant Search LogoWith Google's announcement today that they are implementing Instant Search on their desktop search, we have to wonder how this new feature will effect all of our hard earned SEO efforts.

Google Instant Search now shows results as you type your search query. It is a great new feature and should save all of us searches lots of time.
350 Million (with an M) hours of our users time to be exact. However in the same panel discussion the panelist were mentioning how user behavior will most likely change over time. For instance, users may be more likely to explore more options around their search term, since they will see more results as they are typing. This may actually lead to more time spent in Google (exploring vs. searching maybe?). Which of course means more eyeballs on the ads that Google is serving.

So while they have confirmed that this latest fantastic new feature does not effect search engine ranking results and will not change the way that the algorithm works, it does have the the potential to change user behavior and thus may present some new opportunities for SEO.

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