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Designing websites for clients since 2004, South Florida Web Studio has seen many different types of businesses and projects. An informational website, acting like an interactive brochure, to create and capture leads for your business is a very common project that we work with on a daily basis. While all businesses need a web presence, attorneys and professionals in the legal industry must establish credibility and legitimacy by having a strong reputation online. Your firm’s online presence starts with a website that you own and control. After your website is established, you can use many other forms of online marketing to promote your practice¬†through social media, email marketing, etc… However it begins with your law firm web design.

Law Firm Web Design

Seeing this need for the legal industry and the similarities of most lawyer websites, we have decided to build a platform that will be specific to the legal industry. While our idea is by no means revolutionary, it definitely is evolutionary. We are taking a fresh approach to law firm web design by offering a simple, cost effective solution which can scale from a sole practitioner just starting out of law school all the way to a multi-national law firm spanning the globe. has all of the pieces in place for branding and marketing your law firm no matter what size. Responsive designs, SEO friendly and easy to use are some of the key components to our new system

responsive law firm web designMobile First

The internet is mobile. It is not just moving away from desktop computer, it already has. While there are still a large number of visitors coming from a desktop to research an attorney, over the past year we have seen numbers of visitors increase on mobile devices by up to 10%*. With the future in the palm of your hand, we have taken a “Mobile First” approach to all of our designs. This means that we plan our design layouts first on small screens (for your iphone and android devices), then on mid size screens (for the ipads and tablets) and finally for desktop and larger screens (like television and wide screen displays) . This “responsive design” ensures that your website will be easily visible and functional to everyone that visits no matter what device they use to access.

Search Engine Optimization Does Matter

Every site built on the platform will be optimized following Google’s best practices for SEO. This will ensure that all of the necessary technical tools are in place for an effective search campaign and allows your website to be competitive in ranking in the top positions for those all important keywords.

Easy To Use So You Will Use It

There many options for you to build your website, but when you chose to do it on your own,if it is not easy to administer the task gets put on the ‘back burner’ and many times, gets delayed so long that it never gets done. With our years of experience we have thought through this process so that the back end administration is easy and seamless for you or your staff to update and add content to your site. Plus there is always the option to hire an assistant from our team to help with gathering content and adding it to the site for you.

Much More To Come

We have many more feature and benefits that are being built into this application (such as accessibility standards, ADA compliance, video and marketing add ons as well as integration with CRM systems) but we will elaborate on more of that in the future. For now, we want you to know that a new system is coming and it will make creating a website for a law firm easy, affordable and custom to your unique style and image.

A Fresh new approach to law firm web design is right around the corner.



*Based on aggregated analytics data of several current law firm clients

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Published On: Jul 16, 2016