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Hummingbird - Google rewrites its algorithm

Hummingbird - Google's algorithm update humming bird

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5 Point Checklist for Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

Responsive web design is a growing trend within the industry because it simplifies things by offering one solution, rather than many. Responsive design is likely to grow more popular as more users switch to using smartphones and tablets, and web designers will choose to focus solely on one design and not have to worry if their website looks right on all different screen sizes and resolutions. According to a recent infograph provided by VentureBeat, the average number of unique screen resolutions in 2010 was 97, and the average number of unique screen resolutions in 2013 was 232, further backing the need for responsive web design.

In addition to providing the statistics of unique screen resolution, the infograph also provided a five point checklist to help decide whether your company should use responsive web design. The five points are listed as follows:

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South Florida SEO Tactics That Don't Work Anymore

South Florida SEO tactics

Your South Florida SEO strategies for promoting your website and web design needs a refresher.  Some of the same tactics that worked before will not work now.  With Panda and Penguin updates from Google (along with other search engine rewrites) it's getting harder to remain where you are.  Getting to the first page is a whole other story.  Look thoroughly at your strategies and eliminate the following tactics. 

Spun Content

Taking a blog from someone else and changing words to make it original will not work anymore.  The result of spun content is an article that's unreadable at times filled with bad grammar and poor overall quality.  Google ranks articles based on quality, uniqueness and good grammar.  To search engines this method is laziness, and search engines will not reward your website with a good search engine spot. 

Blog Networks

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How Responsive Web Design Provides More Flexibility for Businesses and Prospective Customers in Florida

Responsive design is growing in popularity because it improves SEO and usability for prospective customers; rather than building links and optimizing content for a mobile site and desktop site, responsive design creates a single model. This is not only good for SEO, but also your website visitors, as they'll be able to access your website from any device without any frustration.

The idea of creating one model of a website for all devices is still relatively new, and is made possible by the considerable advancements in smartphones and tablets in the past few years. This option makes things easier for customers, and ultimately provides more flexibility for businesses; they're able to make quick changes to their website to improve its design, and can decide whether they would like a uniform web design across all devices, or a desktop version that has more features and a mobile version that is more optimized.

A recent Business News Daily article explains how responsive design is giving businesses more flexibility when designing their website:

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Content Marketing: Tips and Tricks

Content marketing can be used for a variety of purposes.  At South Florida Web Studio, we offer scalable services which can grow with your company.  Content marketing is not focused on sales.  Rather, it focuses on communication with your customers and target base.  You want to provide valuable information, enhancing customer loyalty.  There are several ways you can build a larger audience through content marketing by providing:

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