WordCamp Miami 2016 – Hobby Freelance Fulltime

Steven Alig’s presentation at WordCamp Miami 2016 in the Freelance Workshop.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”
“Follow your passions and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We have all heard phrases like this before, the wit and wisdom of being your own boss, freelancing, or running your own company, but what exactly are the steps to success? In his WordCamp presentation, Steven breaks down the realities of going out on your own and what you must do to make your business viable. He’ll walk you through the good, bad, and ugly of being your own boss and controlling your destiny.

Whether you are thinking of a startup, consultancy, or freelancing, Steven will share his story of starting his own business and the lessons he learned, both positive and negative. By the end of his session you will understand what tasks and efforts you need to accomplish and what pitfalls to avoid from a practical individual’s perspective.
If you have ever had the dream of being your own boss, Steven’s talk will help you assess if going out on your own is right for you and if so, what to prepare for before, during, and after taking the leap.

Topics include:

  • Getting paid
  • Time management
  • Marketing & networking
  • Accounting & taxes
  • Being the boss

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Published On: Feb 19, 2016