Web Design Success – WordPress Miami Meetup Presentation

Web Design Success – It’s More Than Just Images

Presentation given to the South Florida WordPress meetup group on October 2, 2014.

Google Docs templates for Sitemaps and Wireframes are available here: http://ow.ly/Cbrna

Web design may seem glamorous and creative, which it is, but there is another side to successful web projects that tends to get overlooked. This presentation will focus on the planning and project management phases of web design. Whether you are developing yourself or hiring a consultant or agency for your business, whether you are building your first website or you 101st, this proven process will ensure you have a successful project every time. We will be talking sitemaps, wireframes, comps, and tools to make planning your project a breeze. Don’t try to cut corners and skip steps, don’t use Fiverr to build your website and don’t miss this presentation.

Steven Alig has been building website since 1997. His company, South Florida Web Studio, markets, manages and builds client websites exclusively with WordPress.

  1. Intro
    – Short bio
    – Communication is key
  2. Web Pages that Suck – Vincent Flanders & Michael Willis
    – 3 reasons to create a website
    – To Make Money
    – To disseminate information or opinions
    – To stroke your little ego
    – Know your target audience
  3. Development Process
  4. Information architecture
  5. Sitemaps
    – Visio
    – Illustrator
    – Google Docs
  6. Wireframes
    – MS Visio
    – Google Docs
  7. Comps
  8. Using Themes and/or Templates
  9. WordPress Themes, Plugins, Widgets and Content

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Published On: Oct 8, 2014