Using Blog Posts for Content Marketing

If you already have an Internet connection, then blogging costs you nothing extra for content marketing. You can use it to attract a whole new audience if you post entries on other people’s websites. In addition, if you post on your website, you can keep your products and services in front of your current customers. If you want to use blog posts effectively, follow these guidelines.

  • Focus on the customer. The posts about your dog or your favorite TV show have no place on your professional website. Focus on your customer needs and make sure your writing offers solutions on their problems. You can then naturally bring in your goods and services as part of the discussion.
  • Keep it short. Your readers are busy people who do not have time to wade through screens and screens of information. They want to pop into your blog, get what they need, and pop out quickly. Confine your entries to about 250 to 300 words each. If you want to go on longer, break your message up into two or more posts.
  • Write regularly. Visitors who regularly come to your blog expect to see something new each time. Otherwise, they’ll stop coming. Post entries at least once a week, preferably more. It may help to plan your titles at least a month in advance. That way, whenever you have free time, you can write about the subjects that interest you most. You’ll then have a backlog of entries you can post as needed.

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Published On: Nov 19, 2013