South Florida Web Design – Competition heats up


Several months ago, while driving to lunch, I spotted a sign near a warehouse area here in Hollywood Florida. It was one of these small signs that usually get posted illegally near a highway off-ramp and generally promote some of the following:

  • Buy your old home
  • Help you clean your credit
  • Buy a new mattress
  • Help you out of foreclosure
  • Etc….

However, this particular sign was promoting cheap web site design. I took a snapshot with my camera and posted it to my Facebook page.

Today I came across another sign and this one was right outside of my building in the parking lot. And I can see how the competition is starting to get fierce since they are less than half of the price from the one I saw a few months ago. And these guys even added their URL to the bottom. Way to go, now that is what I call progressive thinking.

Can these companies really be serious?

I would love to see more of these if anyone has them, please add your photos to the comments below.

Lets see how low they will go.

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Published On: Aug 17, 2010