South Florida SEO Tactics That Don’t Work Anymore

businessman hand showing search engine optimization SEOYour South Florida SEO strategies for promoting your website and web design needs a refresher. Some of the same tactics that worked before will not work now. With Panda and Penguin updates from Google (along with other search engine rewrites) it’s getting harder to remain where you are. Getting to the first page is a whole other story. Look thoroughly at your strategies and eliminate the following tactics.

Spun Content

Taking a blog from someone else and changing words to make it original will not work anymore. The result of spun content is an article that’s unreadable at times filled with bad grammar and poor overall quality. Google ranks articles based on quality, uniqueness and good grammar. To search engines this method is laziness, and search engines will not reward your website with a good search engine spot.

Blog Networks

Paid blog networks were designed for creating articles and posting those articles all over the internet. The same article will be on many article directories, your website and other blog networks. It worked so well that Google put a stop to this practice. Some of the big blog networks are gone from search engine ranks altogether. The rest of them are at the bottom making them worthless. Articles will have to be one-of-a-kind and completely your own.

Article Directories

Speaking of article directories, sites like EzineArticles and ArticlesBase are no longer useful in SEO. It was mainly used for link building and to get more exposure to your articles. While it did give a boost for your website it didn’t make a difference in web rank. Now article directories aren’t useful at all. These sites and more now offer a no-follow rule to reduce spam so those sites are even more useless to you.

Useless Press Releases

Making a press release for exposure does work. It doesn’t work if no one cares about what’s in it. Broadcast media don’t pick up any story and the internet is getting picky on what’s news and what isn’t. The media likes a meaty press release. They are not taking any PR just to help you grow your business. Use a press release when it counts.

Focusing on One Search Engine

Google is the king of search engines and many websites focus only on Google. There are more than one search engine besides Google. Get your name out on Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, Ask, lesser known search engines and niche search engines. Don’t place your eggs in one basket; get diverse traffic from all over the internet.

Ignoring Design

The website is the first thing visitors see when they are finding information about your company. If it looks like a train wreck that is how your visitors will see your company. Put your best face forward and create a professional site that’s easy to load, appealing, not cluttered and easy to navigate. Hire a designer to help you. Our company will assist in web design and SEO tactics. We’ll listen and design the site just the way you envisioned. Contact us for more information about our services.

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Published On: Sep 15, 2013