These South Florida SEO Strategies Will Keep You Competitive


Because competition is the name of the game for the search engines, you need to do everything possible to engage and entice your website visitors. You need to pay attention to what your competition is doing right, as well as what they are doing wrong. You can learn from your competition’s success and put some of their ideas to work in your internet marketing campaign.

You only have a small window of opportunity to grab your visitor’s attention, make them feel positive about your company and create a customer. That’s a pretty tall order for the first 5 seconds of your initial meeting. This is what we need to accomplish if you not only want to gain a new customer, but also give them a reason to tell their friends about what they have found on your website.

If you can implement these three key strategies in your search of that coveted page one search engine ranking, you will remain competitive, even if their SEO budget is much larger than yours.

Never Boring

Not only do we want to avoid boring our visitors but we also need to figure out ways to really engage them in a positive way. If your SEO strategy is just like everyone else’s then you can expect that you won’t stand out in a crowd. Before you worry too much about the nuts and bolts of meta titles or content marketing, try to establish a “theme” or design that will stand-out from every other site out there.


  • Try to interject a bit of your personality into your website.
  • Be funny, controversial or eccentric, just be memorable.
  • Dazzle the eye with color, character and substance.
  • Write about industry innovation (or secrets) that will interest your readers.

These ideas are designed to make your customer remember you and also want to tell their friends and colleagues about what a great experience they had on your website.

Give Them Something

Try to help your website visitor remember you by taking something of value away with them. Offering an incentive to return and do business with you will greatly increase your chances of a second visit. If your product or service is one of value, you can expect that for every freebie you hand out, you will sell two in the future.


  • Buy one-get one free coupon.
  • 10% (or more) off of a future purchase.
  • Social Media engagement, such as, “write a caption, win a prize” giveaways.
  • Offer to give a portion of the purchase to a charity.

If your giving away something really great, you can expect the news to spread rapidly and this promotion can give your search engine ranking a huge boost because of all the internet “chatter” created about you.

Learn From The Competition

Visit their social media sites as well as their main website in search of what is working for them, and what is not. If you see a strategy at play that is garnering a ton of “likes and shares”, try to implement it in your own campaign.


Make note of which keywords are being utilized.
Explore their website in search of strategic partnerships they may have which could work for you.
Try some of the same marketing channels and platforms that are working for them.
Find those sites that are not successful (try page 10 of the search results) and avoid those things that stand out.

You can learn a lot from your competition and rest assured, they are also watching you.

Your South Florida Web Studio SEO strategy is important to your business and your internet marketing success. Don’t make the mistake of leaving this important job to anyone less than an expert. With the search engines becoming our first source of information, the job of SEO is too important.

Contact us today and we will make the job of your SEO, our job #1!

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Published On: May 16, 2013