What SEO changes can you expect from Google over the Summer of 2013?

Keeping with our theme of the Future of SEO, Google’s Matt Cutts has provided us another informative update of what we can expect to see from Google’s WebSpam team over the next few months. Much of this will have a direct impact on webmasters and the search engine optimization community. In a seven-minute “Webmaster Help” video, Cutts explains what their team has planned for the coming months, and what it all means for webmasters. It involves the Penguin update, the Panda update, advertorials, hacked sites, link spam, and a lot more.

My favorite line in the whole video is at about 4:20 when he states, “If you’ve been hanging out on a lot black hat forums and trading different types of spamming package tips and that sort of stuff then it might be a more eventful summer for you.” 🙂 It looks like the summer is going to be a bumpy ride regardless as I do not recall Google releasing information like this prior to an update. Maybe I am wrong but it seems like there are some BIG changes coming and we will be hearing much more about it in the near future. Of course Google still stands by their consistent recommendations for ranking well:

  1. Make a great looking site that users love
  2. Make it so that they will want to tell their friends about it
  3. Make it so they will want to bookmark it
  4. Make it so they will want to come back and visit it again and again

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Published On: May 14, 2013