What to do when your Search Engine Ranking Drops

A recent article over at Search Engine Round Table discussed How SEO Experts React To Search Rank Drops. The information was derived from a post on Webmaster World Forums and really comes down to common sense.

Anyone working in SEO for any amount of time will know that fluctuations in the Search Engine Rankings are quite common, it is just a matter of how you deal with them. The post at Webmaster World provided some suggestions as to how to approach these fluctuations.

I am going to provide their suggestions and my interpretation

Suggestion Interpretation
1. Don’t panic. Many times these things correct themselves. Don’t do anything. You are at the mercy of the Search Engine Gods. There is nothing you can do so just go out and get yourself a non-dairy, no whip Caramel Latte with an extra pump.
2. When rankings do not return after a month, then look at what is ranking well in the search results and then tweak your pages to go with that strategy. Start over. Obviously what you were doing was not right, so start over and do it again. Maybe this time you will get it right.
3. Sometimes a ranking loss needs a second opinion Phone a Friend. Since you have realized that you have no idea what you are doing with SEO, use one of your life lines and “phone a friend”. Your friend will see what you are blind to and save your business for you.
















Bottom line: When your ranking drops, there is nothing you can do so just keep going. Although you will never really be able to use your “50/50” life line, you may be able to “Ask the Audience”. Try posting your problem on an SEO forum, maybe the consensus of the community can help you out.

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Published On: Jun 8, 2010