Rotating Banners In Drupal presentation at Ft. Lauderdale Drupal Users Group

Our very own Lead Drupal Developer, Chris Parsons, recently presented to the Fort Lauderdale Drupal Users Group.

In May 2010 Chris spoke to the group about creating rotating banners in Drupal and the multiple ways to accomplish this commonly request feature.

Used to make slideshows, homepage billboards, portfolio displays and many other functions, rotating banners are a fantastic tool for use in your Content Management System. When built properly, they are very easy to use, maintain and can be updated frequently, to keep your content fresh, with very little effort.

Chris spent time discussing options between rotating banners in Drupal, such as views_slideshow and views_cycle.

Check out his slide deck below.

Rotating Banners In Drupal

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A great example of a recent rotating banner can be found on the homepage billboard of our recently launched re-designed website. This is completely managed by the client through the Drupal Administration.

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Published On: Jul 21, 2010