How Responsive Web Design Provides More Flexibility for Businesses and Prospective Customers in Florida

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Responsive design is growing in popularity because it improves SEO and usability for prospective customers; rather than building links and optimizing content for a mobile site and desktop site, responsive design creates a single model. This is not only good for SEO, but also your website visitors, as they’ll be able to access your website from any device without any frustration.

The idea of creating one model of a website for all devices is still relatively new, and is made possible by the considerable advancements in smartphones and tablets in the past few years. This option makes things easier for customers, and ultimately provides more flexibility for businesses; they’re able to make quick changes to their website to improve its design, and can decide whether they would like a uniform web design across all devices, or a desktop version that has more features and a mobile version that is more optimized.

A recent Business News Daily article explains how responsive design is giving businesses more flexibility when designing their website:

“It’s all about flexibility when it comes to responsive design … that includes grid, typeface, images and design itself. There are times when the best options for various browser sizes incorporate changes to the original design concept. As such, some content and pictures might be concealed to create a better view on smaller devices. The other option is an overall streamlined design scheme to allow for a more uniform look across all devices.”

But responsive design doesn’t just provide flexibilty for businesses. Prospective customers now won’t be forced to switch to a laptop or desktop while accessing your page. They’ll be able to look up the information on your website that they want to see, without having to be redirected several times while they’re on their mobile devices.

This frustration-free form of web browsing for customers ultimately leads to increased sales and conversion rates, as the web design removes many of the hurdles and barriers that were getting in the way of a sale in the first place.

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Published On: Aug 29, 2013