Real Time Data Coming to Google Analytics

Google announced the availability of real time data tracking through Google Analytics last week. Google Analytics Real-Time provides a set of reports that show what’s happening on your website as it happens.


According to the Google Analytics blog, the new Real-Time reports can be used for some of the following analysis:

  • Measure social media impact: Whenever you create new content on your site, like a blog post, and tweet out the link or send it to other social media sites, you can now see the immediate impact to you website traffic.
  • Campaign measurement: No more waiting 24 hours to make sure your GA tracking code is setup correctly. With Real-Time you can immediately see if you have properly setup any new campaign tracking. Find out in seconds if you have any problems and correct them immediately before you start driving visitors to your site.

Google just announced this on Oct. 29 and it has only been activated on a limited amount of GA accounts right now, but expect to see it roll out to all Google Analytics users in the coming weeks. If you just can’t wait and have to get started with the obsessive data tracking right away, sign up to be included here:

Happy Data Mining!

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Published On: Oct 2, 2011