More positive signs of online marketing growth

Online Marketing growth is still happening. You just have to look harder to find it. We continue to be optimistic about 2009 (regardless of what mainstream media is trying to sell us). And we are constantly looking for signs of opportunity. Surround yourself with positive and look for that silver lining. It is still there, just a little harder to see. A recent email from Jim Brody, Sales Manager at, indicated some good news for their website. “Comscore (the company that tells us all how many people visit our websites) reports that US traffic on TripAdvisor for December 2008 is up 8.8% from the US traffic in December 2007.” wrote Brody. We have experienced similar upward trends for many of our clients also. Some of them with increases in the triple digits. While the economy as a whole is definitely under heavy stress, many online businesses, especially well designed and managed websites, have a great opportunity to come out of this recession unscathed. Perception truly is reality.

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Published On: Jan 26, 2009