Longer search terms gain in importance

We have long known that longer search terms (those key phrases with at least 3 or more words) are the key to targeted search traffic and also the way to optimize your budget on PPC campaigns. The reasons for this are varied and the different approachs to capitlize on are just as diverse. One of the main points which generally rings true is that someone searching using a longer keyword string will be looking for something more specific than a single word search. Recent trends seem to indicated that the “long tail” is actually getting longer. A recent report from Hitwise shows that search terms with 4 to 5 words are actually gaining ground and becoming more common. It may be that people are just learning how to use search more effectively but whatever the reason is, marketers must take advantage of this targeted audience. This report just helps to reinforce the strategy of targeted long tail phrases in your PPC campaigns. We have known for some time that a longer keyword string can produce more targeted results that convert more frequently and cost less. Its now good to know that this is a growing segment.

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Published On: Apr 5, 2009