Hire a Pro – good advice for web designers and most contractors in general

I came across a great article in USA Today (in their fantastic Ipad app BTW), that discusses Small Business owners and their tech needs. While the majority of this discussion is related to typical IT services like networking, PC maintenance, server administration, etc… They do touch on social media (online marketing) and other ‘Tech’ services.

While they do not directly address ‘web design’ it is a component that many times is wrongly attributed solely with IT. The traditional web design (for your online presence) is more a mix of IT and Marketing. Probably leaning more toward marketing since you want get the most value for your dollars. However the tips they give for your Tech Needs definitely apply for web design also. One in particular really stood out to me:

Go with a pro: Don’t hire a tech-savvy college kid, an IPad-loving brother-in-law or the receptionist’s boyfriend to tackle tough IT needs, Clancy says. Those without formal training don’t have the skills to help a company grow — and if the receptionist gets fired, the company may find itself with a bunch of deleted information, he says.

This is so true. I cannot tell you how many times I have a new potential client tell me that they need help with their website. When I ask who built it for them, it is some ‘genius wiz kid’ who really knows nothing about business, design, or programming. They are just younger than the client and tend to have a better grasp of technology (because they are growing up in it).

The other recommendations are very good also and will apply to finding a competent and qualified web designer. Some other recommendations are:

  • Talk with others – get recommendations
  • Do some research about your consultant or company
  • Bring them into your overall business strategy – “Disregard the false notion that most IT folks are geeks who only like to tinker with computer code”
  • Consider more than just price – sometimes you really do get what you pay for

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Published On: Oct 4, 2010