Google Places allows businesses to respond to reviews

It’s about time and really a necessity for any type of 3rd party review service to allow for the business to respond to a review. Without a response the business is vulnerable to attack and does not have recourse. This could happen for any type of reason but sometimes it is just an unhappy customer who makes a “mountain out of a mole hill” or really blows things out of proportion. In the worst case scenario it could be someone (a competitor) trying to sabatoge your buisness.

Either way it is not good

Google announced, Wed. Aug 4, 2010, on the Lat Long Blog that verified business owners can now respond to individual customer reviews on Google Places, good or bad. Google places, if you recall was formerly known as Google Local Business Center.

This is a great benefit for the business for two primary reasons:

  1. They can help to clear the air if there is any negative or derogatory reviews that are meant to intentionally harm them
  2. They can demonstrate to their customers that they listen and respond to feedback. This is always appreciated by loyal customers and clients.


Yelp had introduced similar functionality last year, and it has been well recieved by those business owners who are active in the social channels and are more than willing to tell their sides of the story.

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Published On: Aug 5, 2010