Is Google personalized search really necessary?

Last week, Google announced Personalized Search for everyone. Personalized search has been previously available, but only to individuals signed in with a Google account. They are now making it available to anyone via an anonymous cookie.

Privacy concerns aside, is this really necessary for relevance? Or is this just another way of aggregating data and producing a more focused demographic profile to advertisers.

When I am searching on Google I want the most relevant results, not based on my previous searches, just the most relevant results. Period! Now the option to turn this off is available but I assume the majority of users wont know or care.

As a search marketing professional this will generate a whole new unprecedented set of challenges and we will have to see what the future will hold.

One thing to remember; as a system, Google is a search engine, helping people find what they are looking for. However, as a company, Google is an advertising medium and will need to do whatever it takes to keep their customers happy.

Hopefully they remember their own motto: Don’t be Evil

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Published On: Dec 11, 2009