Google Page Layout update – Content is Still King

Google has been testing some algorithm updates recently and last week has decided to put them into effect. The Google Page Layout Update, as it is now known, takes into account the content that is “above the fold” on a webpage and will reduce the quality and authority of pages that do not provide quality content above the fold (namely excessive ads at the top of the page).

Google’s “Distinguished Engineer”, Matt Cutts wrote:

We understand that placing ads above-the-fold is quite common for many websites; these ads often perform well and help publishers monetize online content. This algorithmic change does not affect sites who place ads above-the-fold to a normal degree, but affects sites that go much further to load the top of the page with ads to an excessive degree or that make it hard to find the actual original content on the page. This new algorithmic improvement tends to impact sites where there is only a small amount of visible content above-the-fold or relevant content is persistently pushed down by large blocks of ads.

Matt goes on to state that this change will only effect less than 1% of all searches and the typical user will most likely not even notice any change. Google stands by their promise of continuing to provide the best possible user experience on the web and that this change is just one of over 500 improvements that are expected to roll out to Google’s search in 2012.

My question is: Doesn’t Google know that there is no page fold. LOL

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Published On: Jan 28, 2012