Google Making Changes to AdWords Agency Support

Google AdWords sent out emails to select agency customers explaining that a change will be happening to their AdWords service and support. The email detailed an “Enhanced Agency Service Model” which will be happening, effective January 1, 2010.

Google will restructuring their AdWords support for agencies. Some agencies will be losing their dedicated representatives. And for those not losing their dedicated reps, the communication with the managers will be changing.

We have read that possible scenarios may be; An agency may have a dedicated agency lead and specific accounts within those organizations will have dedicated account management teams, who will be able to offer specific industry expertise. Another set of agencies will not have an assigned agency team per se, but will still be able to receive support via phone.

Sounds to me like additional scaling based on budget. Seeing how hard it is already to come by any real form of support from AdWords already (unless you have the budgets to justify it), this may just be another measure to save $$$.

We had heard rumors that agency support may be farmed out to India. However Google did not specify where this support will come from. Maybe the first level support will come from India and additional levels would be from US offices?

Here is hoping your rep (and ours) do not disappear anytime soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Published On: Nov 27, 2010