Google Launches new SearchWiki…

Is it more than just personal Search? Earlier this week, without much fanfare, google launched their new SearchWiki application.

Built into your search results, are now, extra tools to help you move around your personal rankings, rate them and even add notes to specific listings. They are pushing this as an evolution of personal search. Thus making your search results, truly your own. In order to utilize this new feature you must have a google account and be logged in. This makes sense as they state that your information will only be stored within your account and not be shared with others, or used for ranking purposes. However, this does pose the question of how else will google use this information (if not immediately, in the future)? Since, at it’s core, the original PageRank system was based on web page popularity (tracked primarily by inbound links), wouldn’t it be a natural evolution to continue the popularity trend and utilize personal preferences.

How difficult would it be for google to adjust their algorithms slightly and accommodate some additional information from the personal SearchWikis?

The big question is how is this information going to be used to influence SEO?
I can’t wait to see what is next on their path to world dominance. 🙂

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Published On: Nov 26, 2008