Google Introduces Knowledge Graph – Search Gets 1,000 Times Smarter

Accroding to, Google has launched a major new initiative to influence search results.

Starting May 17, 2012, a vast portion of Google Search results will work with you to intuit what you really meant by that search entry. Type in an ambiguous query like “Kings” (which could mean royalty, a sports team or a now-cancelled TV show), and a new window will appear on the right side of your result literally asking you which entity you meant. Click on one of those options and your results will be filtered for that search entity.

To understand the gravity of this change, you need to know about the fundamental changes going on behind the scenes at Google Search. Google is switching from simple keyword recognition to the identification of entities, nodes and relationships. In this world, “New York” is not simply the combination of two keywords that can be recognized. It’s understood by Google as a state in the U.S. surrounded by other states, the Atlantic Ocean and with a whole bunch of other, relevant attributes.

It will be very interesting to see how these changes effect competition and the overall SEO efforts of thousands of businesses that rely on Google rankings.

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Published On: May 22, 2012