Google gets shiny with Chrome

What a great way to start our new blog. After years of assisting our clients with their online marketing efforts, we have finally started to practice what we preach and begin blogging ourselves. In a similar fashion Google, which has been helping all of with just about everything online for the past several years, has finally built their own browser… Google’s Chrome Browser is an open source alternative to FireFox and IE (the big two browsers at this time). While the thought a 3rd party in the browser wars is enlightening (and yes I know there are others such as Safari, Opera, etc… but they don’t really count) it is too soon to tell if google will actually have something new here. Google does have a golden touch with certain things (Adwords anyone?), but they also have a lab full of a few more tarnished projects which havent reached their fullest potential (more on some of these in a future post) The implications of google getting into this realm are huge (especially for Microsoft). Google is known for thier insatiable thirst for data and I am sure the service agreement that we will all agree to when we install thier browser will, in its most “non evil” legalize state that google will watch and record everything you ever do on the internet for all of infinity. Should we be concerned? Probably. Will we care? Probabaly not. All security and privacy concerns get put aside for cool new features and a company that seems so hip, it creates a comic book to explain the technology of the new browser. Off to download and install… Hopefully my next post will be written in Chrome!

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Published On: Sep 3, 2008