Google gets a little Flashier

Flash has been around for years. At the beginning it was an easy way to add animation to your web pages. As the technology evolved, the functionality of Flash became much greater to allow for full programming and applications to be created using Flash and not just simple tweens and morphing text. But indexing the content of Flash files has always been a problem for the Search Engines (Google). Google recently announced that they are improving the way that they index Flash files. They are now able to read and index the content linked to an external resource of an SWF file. This is very valuable in that the most powerful Flash applications utilize this technology to distribute dynamic content. Unfortunately up to now, that content was blind to Google. Back in 2008 google began indexing the content embedded within Flash files, which was a bold leap in and of itself. But now with the enhanced indexing capabilities will we begin to see another Flash website revolution? I doubt it due to the complexity of working in the Flash environment. But I will bet that we will see an increase in Flash websites overall. Even if it is just because they are already existing, but we haven’t been seeing them because Google couldn’t find them.

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Published On: Jun 24, 2009