Google to continue assualt on webspam and black hat SEO

Google announced this week that they will be rolling out more algorithm updates targeting Black Hat SEO and webspammers. You know all those SEO companies that promise #1 rankings and don’t have a concern for the risk of getting your website banned from Google’s index or demoting its’ value to obscurity. Essentially they are looking for individuals and companies that are blatantly attempting to manipulate the Search Engine Ranking Results using whatever means possible. These techniques go against google’s recommended webmaster guidelines and are considered Black Hat SEO. There are a couple fine example in their blog post.

Google believes that this algorithm change will only affects about 3% of queries in English. So it should not have a major impact on your results (if you are not doing anything against their guidelines). However, the complexity behind all of this is huge and makes performing SEO that much more difficult and risky.

Many articles are being written questioning whether SEO may be dead or still relevant. To me this is just link bait. SEO is alive and thriving and will continue as long as search remains relevant, which it will for the foreseeable future. Just make sure that you practice white hat SEO, stay knowledgeable on best SEO practices and work with a qualified SEO consultant.

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Published On: Apr 26, 2012