Google Analytics – Better, stronger, smarter

While the 6 million dollar man may have been “Better, stronger, faster“, Google Analytics appears to have gotten “Better, stronger, smarter.” Back on October 20th Google released a blog post notifying the world of their enterprise class improvements to the excellent Google Analytics software that has become the standard web analytics tool (at least in our office). The 3 main new features they are rolling out are:

  1. Expanded Reporting and Analysis Features
  2. Enhancements to their API
  3. Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts

While the expanded reporting and analysis features are good, I am not looking to jump in on that right away. Although the expansion of mobile website analysis is going to be awesome once it is implemented properly. Enhancements to the API are not relevant for us at the current moment either so we are not to excited about those improvements. However the Analytics Intelligence and Custom Alerts looks to be absolutely awesome. Check out their video of how it works:

Now if only they would hurry up and add the Intelligence button to our analytics accounts….

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Published On: Nov 3, 2009