Go Away IE6


With the release of HTML 5 coming, the internet and its developers have reached the point of no return. Developers have logged extra hours, dealt with extra (unnecessary) headaches, and have had to continue to plan for the browser of the internet stone age (back when dinosaurs roomed the web in 2001).
Well Twitter is buzzing and the internet community has rallied, IE6 is being caste out and battered.
Even major sites like Facebook, Digg, and Youtube have ended IE6 support.

So whats the message here?
We all know Microsoft is the subject of a lot of hate, but sadistic Microsoft opposers aren’t at fault here. The problem is the technological stifle that IE6 puts on developers and designers. With IE6 still lingering, time must be spent formatting for it and the advancement of the web will be continue to be halted. PNG’s appear transparent, CCS virtually has to be hacked to appear correctly, and the general security risk that IE6 brings. With all of these issues, you would imagine that IE6 would be long gone by now.
But, Microsoft XP is still the worlds most widely used operating system, and IE6 was its predominant browswer. IT guys are too lazy to refresh your offices version of internet explorer and most the employees that work their cant tell the difference. In order for IE6 to meet its maker, something that effects the every day user must discontinue IE6 support.
Search engine giant Google may be the company to do it..Bing!

*Edit: I found this in our archives and noted that it had never been published live. This blog entry was originally created in mid 2009 but still holds true today.

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Published On: Jun 1, 2010