Drupal is the right choice!


When in need of Content Management System (CMS) for your website you can’t go wrong with Drupal. Several years ago our company was evaluating different options for (CMS) software for our clients. As with any software selection in today’s time there are generally 3 options to pursue:

  1. Build it yourself – custom programming (flexible and customizable but extremely costly and inefficient)
  2. Purchase “off-the-shelf” (quick to implement but limited is scope and scale and dependent on another business, can be expensive)
  3. Use “open source” software (inexpensive, well supported by volunteers, many options)

Having experience working with all 3 of the above our choice at this point is to use Open Source software. There are many types of Open Source CMS systems and we deliberated heavily over many options. However, in the end we settled on Drupal as our platform of choice. Drupal offers more of what can be described as a Content Management Framework (which you can build a System upon) and is extremely flexible. While the learning curve to develop and integrate systems on Drupal is slightly greater than on other options, the time has been well spent. For several years now we have been implementing sites on Drupal for our clients and as the platform grows in popularity we see more sites adopting this as the CMS of choice. As a testament to the power and capabilities, check out some of the latest re-designed websites that have adopted Drupal as their Content Management System:


Choose Drupal, it’s the right thing to do.

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Published On: Oct 27, 2009