Developing for the iphone?

If only we had a few more hours in the day… We have been using an internal web application to track our studio’s work for many years now. We call it the EZHitlist and it is a very simple job and time tracking application that can be used for any type of task or project. What began as a simple spread sheet and is currently a robust PHP application is now looking to become an iphone application. The only problem is that since this is an internal application, it always comes after our client work. Here is a little history:

2000 – Excel Spreadsheet 2002 – Single page web app that writes to a text file 2003 – added ability to track multiple clients 2004 – MySQL database and full php support. Created print versions and ticketing system. 2004 – Ability to add multiple clients and multiusers. 2005 – Added time tracking, invoicing & created client portal. Interface overhaul. 2006 – Added minor reporting features. 2008 – Moved to a live web server (outside of our network). Still in Beta. 2009 – Iphone Web Application Support???

While this would be a nice progression, we still have some crucial issues to deal with. Namely the ability to add other companies (not just SoFla Web Studio) and tie down the security to allow for outside access to our Beta. If we are going to go through this effort, we might as well clean up the code, fix some minor bugs and make the additions and enhancements that have been on our todo list for months. The next obvious progression is to go mobile. Lets hope we can get our client work taken care of & spend some time one the fun stuff that we love to do. Its the reason we work in this business.

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Published On: Oct 23, 2008