The Crossover from Organic SEO and PPC

We have been saying it for years…

Research and tactics used in Organic SEO can apply, somewhat, to your PPC campaign research and tactics. And vice-a-versa. However the keyword has always been “somewhat”.

Today, more than ever, this is true and for those companies and organizations that are utilizing the web to its fullest possiblities for marketing will realize how to take advantage of these crossovers.


The most obvious of these symbiotic channels is Research. While researching key phrases for your campaigns, be it PPC or Natural SEO, you discover information about the key phrases. While some of this may only apply to one campaign or the other, certain elements of your research will assist with both. For example if a key phrase is highly competitive, you may decide to skip it for Organic SEO because of the cost and effort to compete naturally (it may be out of your budget), but meanwhile for a PPC campaign, you can decide to compete with the understanding of a higher cost-per-click for the particular phrase.

The fine folks over at SEOmoz have put together a nice blog post about this entire topice (the image above is courtesy of them also). Make sure to check out 10 Ways Paid Marketers Can Leverage Inbound Marketing

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Published On: Feb 14, 2012