Creating Content with WordPress – WordCamp Miami 2014 Beginner Workshop Slide Deck

I just completed my presentation at WordCamp Miami 2014.

The all day beginner workshop focuses on getting started with WordPress for the extreme novice.

My presentation was about adding content to your site after it has been installed and setup.


Here is an outline of the topics which were reviewed:

Content Types

· Posts

· Pages


· Content entries listed in reverse chronological order

· Timely

· Organized by Categories and Tags

· Encourage conversation through comment feature

· Generally share the same template and layout.

· Social and meant to be shared


· Basic static type pages

· Hierarchical not chronological

· Custom templates can be created for different types of pages

· Not social

Adding Content

· Post Formats

· Post Title vs. Slug

· Post visibility

o Public

o Private

o Password Protected

· Post Status – used for workflow

o Published

o Draft

o Pending Review

· Scheduling posts

· Styling Text

o Visual VS. Text Edit

· Adding Images – Alignment


· Images

· Featured Images

· Photo Gallery

· Video – External Sources

· Audio – Internal Embedded player

Categories & Tags– Taxonomies used to sort content of your site

· When to use Categories

o Broad Groupings

o Hierarchal – subcategories

· When to use Tags

o Specific Details

o Non hierarchal

· How many should I use?

o Less is more

o Categories should not be empty

o Tags can be as much as you would like

o Remember it is for organizing your content

· How to create and edit categories and tags

o Rename uncategorized


· Enable and Disable

· Global per page/ post

· Moderation

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Published On: May 9, 2014