village-loop-community-websites_0Launched as a new website in the summer of 2007, had no page rank and no history whatsoever. Over the course of 9 months, the website surfaced to page #1 on Google for targeted key phrases. This was accomplished through a mix of on-site and off-site SEO techniques used in a moderate manner.

From the very start, was designed with the Search Engine Optimization in mind. All HTML and scripts were properly coded and the site was built following “best practice” guidelines set by Google and the other major Search Engines.

After the site was launched, programs were put in place to create frequent updates to the on-site content. At the same time, a link building campaign was put in place to begin generating relevant in-bound links. This included directory listings, article submissions, blog posts and press releases.

Over the next months, with an average effort of 5 hours a week, the website was ranked and began movement up the ranks to the first page.

Even today, months after the marketing efforts have ceased, still ranks on the page #1 of Google for the highly relevant phrase of “neighborhood websites”, “association websites” and the very competitive phrase of “community websites”.