The City of Hollywood, FL Office of Tourism SEO

visit-hollywood-statisticsStarting in October 2008, SoFla Web Studio began an aggressive campaign to maximize the exposure of to all of the major search engines.

In an effort to increase overall organic search results, we planned a simple targeted approach to attack single key phrases and single search engines one at a time.

As rankings began to surface for one key phrase, we began targeting the next phrases and next pages of the website.

While this overall effort will take time to see results, our initial site analysis and simple on-site SEO adjustments have seen significant increases in just two months.

Overall organic search results have increased an average 106% from the two weeks starting January 1, 2009 compared to the two weeks starting November 1, 2008.

This dramatic 106% increase is directly correlated with the addition of properly optimized text & copy, key word appropriate meta information and title tags. In addition the code was reviewed and adjusted as needed following best practices with proper implementation of a sitemap.xml file and fixing general site coding errors.