Blogging Tips from the top

Google’s Matt Cutts provides advice for Company Blogs. Matt Cutts is a google software engineer who frequently blogs about many things effecting the many businesses influenced by Google (just about everyone online at this point). Recently he posted Three Tips for Company Blogging on his own blog. While these tips seem to be common sense to many, they are sometimes overlooked and its worth mentioning again. Also bear in mind that although he is speaking to a more corporate audience (as you will see from his first tip), the basic principles apply to small business as well.

  1. First he states not to make open (hard) promises about the future. You never know what will happen as a product or service you are intending to roll out comes near. Outside influences can easily delay or even cancel your plans. There is nothing wrong in using terms like “plan to” or “should”.
  2. Don’t sling mud at your competitors. This should be basic good business however online it can actually draw more attention to your competition. And if someone else starts it, make sure to clarify their false claims if needed, but ensure that they are even worth responding to. Sometimes getting into a fight can lower credibility for all parties involved.
  3. Finally, Don’t post when you are angry. This should go without saying. Similar to email and text messaging. Pull your emotions out before you begin typing.

These seem like good tips for business in general and not just blogging.

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Published On: Oct 2, 2008